The Geogging Collective was created because we love to nerd out with stamina.

The geogging collective is here to help host geography related discussion, links to resources and to keep a running list of social justice/geography related events in and around the city of Montreal.

Membership is fluid.

There is not an official list, we do not have regular meetings.  Membership has more to do with the community that emerges through working on or participating in the projects that we happen to be hosting.  So far, many of us are or have been students in the Geography, Planning and Environment program at Concordia University, but  geography nerds of all origins are welcome.

What we’ve accomplished.

Geogging collective began as a reading/discussion group. But it’s tough too keep up a reading/discussion group when the majority of our members are full time students. Other project have come under the banner with more success.

In Fall 2011 we proposed a new course to the Concordia Department of Geography, Planning and Environment., which was offered as GEOG 398G: Critical Geographies in Winter 2012.  The course description can be found here and the details on the course are now available here.

Many of us were also active in the 2012 student strikes at Concordia. We contributed to/maintained the blog GeographyonStrike.wordpress.com and featured a Special Strike Edition of the Geogging Collective blog.

In 2012-2013 we initiated the LUNCH&geography series, where we create a space to connect with the GPE Concordia community, eat finger sandwiches, celebrate the inspiring women in our department.

Geogging together with us.

This is an ever-changing work in progress. We are open to suggestions and happy to take on new projects.


Oh yeah we have a facebook page, a twitter and a newsletter if you prefer these formats.



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