LUNCH& life in environmental geography w/ Pascale Biron & Monica Mulrennan & Catherine Moore

6 Mar

When: Friday March 15, 2013 @  (12:00 – 13:30)
Where: H-1269 (Concordia Hall Building, 1455 de Msnnve O.)
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What is life really like as an environmental geographer? Join us for light lunch with Pascale Biron (Associate Professor, Concordia Geography, Planning & Environment), Monica Mulrennan (Associate Professor, Concordia Geography, Planning & Environment) & Catherine Moore (Part-Time Faculty, Concordia Geography, Planning & Environment) as we discuss the lives and experiences of women in environmental geography.

Pascale BironDr. PASCALE BIRON obtained her M.Sc. from the Université de Montréal in 1991, followed by her PhD in 1995 for her doctoral research in fluvial geomorphology. In 1998, she began her work at Concordia. Her research interests are stream restoration for fish habitat, river management and the sustainable management of agricultural streams, the impact of climate change on rivers, GIS and three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics. She has publications in peer-reviewed journals in the fields of geomorphology, engineering and ecology and she frequently collaborates with engineers, biologists as well as hydrogeologists to improve our understanding of river dynamics and to develop more sustainable approaches in river management. She is currently working on research projects related to fish habitat in perturbed environments (funded by NSERC), freedom space for rivers (funded by Ouranos, a climate change research centre) as well as impacts of bank stabilization on fish habitat, funded by the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec.

Monica MulrennanDr MONICA MULRENNAN was born and raised in Ireland. She completed her PhD in 1990 at University College Dublin in coastal geomorphology. She then moved to Australia where she spent three years as a post-doctoral student working on the evolution of tropical estuarine environments near Darwin. During this period she was introduced to indigenous peoples’ interests in coastal environments through her collaboration with indigenous Torres Strait Islanders with whom she developed the marine conservation strategy for Torres Strait (MaSTS). She moved to Canada in 1993 where she held a postdoctoral position at McGill University before joining Concordia a year later. Her research interests are indigenous knowledge, customary marine tenure and management, and indigenous peoples’ adaptations to environmental change. She has sustained her collaboration with Torres Strait Islanders over the past two decades while also working closely with the James Bay Crees of northern Quebec since the mid 1990s. She has published in peer-reviewed journals in human geography, anthropology, human-environment relations, and environmental policy and management. Her current research is focused on the contribution of protected areas to the protection of indigenous environments and cultural heritage.

CATHERINE MOORE blends the scientific and spiritual, whether through her initial research interests in environmental biogeography, her current exploration of the interface of worldview and sustainability, or her lifelong love for our planet. She has been an advisor to Sustainable Concordia, environmental consultant for government and non-governmental organizations, and facilitator of workshops on sustainability within the university and beyond. With many years at Concordia, her primary professional focus and passion remains teaching

LUNCH& Schedule

12:00 – 12:30: Mingle and eat
12:30 – 13:30: Presentation and questions

Childcare can be available with 48 hrs notice. Please e-mail if you would like this service to be provided.

LUNCH& life in environmental geography

With support from: GeoGRADS, GUSS, UPA, CSU, ASFA, CUAA and QPIRG-Concordia.

Keep updated about future LUNCH& events online via:,
twitter: @geoggingcollective


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