SECGS: Students Engaged in Critical Geography Studies

8 Feb

This found its way into my inbox via Kevin. Anyone interested in going to their first meeting during the upcoming AAG in the big, radical apple?

Hello All,

      Please forward this to your departments and students.   Students Engaged in Critical Geography Studies (SECGS) was created at a time when many undergraduate critical geographers in the States found themselves to be so far, geographically and intellectually from the conferences and lectures in the UK. After being added to the Critical Geography Forum listserve, I found myself wishing I was in the UK, to be able to apply to these conferences and contribute to these journals. However, realizing that such a community exists in the United States, and more specifically in the Midwest, I decided to start SECGS. Within a few days, I received over 100 requests to join the group, and many emails congratulating me on the project. SECGS is now comprised of 182 students from over 30 universities in the US, UK, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia, and parts of South Asia. A majority of our members are Masters or PhD candidates, some are post-doc and many are undergraduates.  The group is now on facebook, and is described as such, “Please share this website with friends who are critical/radical/marxist/feminist/queer geographers. I want to create a space for undergraduates and graduates alike, in the UK and in the States who are not yet published but want to share ideas and comment on our professors’ work. Since I will be attending the AAG in New York, it is a great opportunity for me to meet other Geographers and share information which is discussed at the AAG through SECGS.” To find out more about the group, or to RSVP for the first meeting in New York during the AAG, please email
Here is the link to SECGS on facebook.  
Thank you and I hope to see many of you at the AAG, 
Agnieszka Karoluk
DePaul University
Department of Geography
990 West Fullerton Avenue, Suites 4300 & 4500
Chicago, IL 60614

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