‘De-Bridging’ Disciplines Comes Up Again & Artist Event February 10th/11th

28 Jan

In a post-colonialism class I’m taking, the professor made a critique of the use of ‘bridges’ as an analogy for movement across national borders, as it reinforces the assumption that there is something real to be crossed over.

Echos the way I feel about disciplinary boundaries right now… *edit* And so does the AAG I guess- there are a few sessions on interdisciplinarity between Fine Arts and Geography during their upcoming February conference*

Which brings me to posting another event:

Artist Talk with Jon CohrsConcordia Greenhouse, 1455 de Maisonneuve W:
February 10th, 6pm
(take the elevator to the 12th Floor + follow signs to the Greenhouse) 
Artificial World Tour with Jon Cohrs: 1455 de Maisonneuve W:
February 11th, 2pm
(meet in lobby) 
Artificial World Tour is a two-part event that includes an artist talk and a workshop that will look into artificial worlds. What is natural and what is artificial is increasingly more difficult to define, so we’ll set out to develop our own standard of what is natural and a methodology to locate things that are artificial. We’ll also look at where the two lines converge to create a new breed of items such as pharmaceuticals in water, and artificial flavoring in “all natural” by exploring the city. In the search for artificial we’ll look closely for local foods, and what it can mean to be a locavore in an artificial world.
During his artist talk, Jon Cohrs will screen segments from his upcoming documentary, The Spice Trade Expedition, in which he is exploring the artificial flavour manufacturing plants that line the New Jersey shoreline.

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