Course Description:

8 Nov

[Edit Nov 27: The course has been accepted! check the details here. -k ]

The following is the description that was drafted November 5th by students who had attended the November 3rd meeting.This is what we will be submitting to the Department Meeting on Friday Nov 11th. *  Feel free to leave your comments below. Also, we are creating a list of student interest to present with the description (sign up online here).

* Apparently it is no longer necessary for the course description to go to the Departmental meeting because slot courses (398X, 498X) use a different approval process.

GEOG/URBS 3XX/4XX – Critical Examination of Space, Power and Justice (3 credits)

Description: Critical geography proposes a comprehensive critique of prevailing systems of power. This seminar course aims to sensitize students to seeing power, privilege and values as they are written and prescribed in space by introducing a critical geography perspective. Prominent thinkers and seminal works are reviewed to demonstrate how issues of power, space and justice are imagined and analysed. The course presents the emergence of critical geography from the greater context of social theory, then involves students in the application of this framework by examining social movements, planning approaches and activist work which address spatial justice.

Prerequisites: GEOG 220 or permission of instructor.

Materials learned: Prepares students to make critical appraisals of concepts, frameworks or specific geographical issues.

Rationale:  Critical geography has become ubiquitous in current geographic thought, yet to a new generation of geographers the core theories are barely understood. By studying its origins and applications, students develop stronger analysis and conceptual skills.  Critical theory is also an essential tool for urban planners, whose work lies at the intersection of power and space.

This course will compliment learning from Geog 300, 400, and 330.


2 Responses to “Course Description:”

  1. Alex Woodrow November 8, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    This would be great if it can remain objective and not turn into an excuse to have marxist ideologies shoved down our throats.

    • Kiley November 8, 2011 at 10:57 am #

      Alex: yes! I totally agree, and I hope that this course would be a chance to think critically about critical geography. I wanted to call it Critical Critical Geography but it wasn’t catchy enough. 😦

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