New Course: Critical Geog? Geographic Thought?

1 Nov

[ Edit: this meeting produced the course description found here -kg Nov 8 2011 ]

Hello to all!

In case we talked to your class at Concordia, or came up to you in person or if you have been lovingly spammed by me or Kiley about the proposal we are putting forward next week about a new class at Concordia about Critical Geography/Geographic Thought …..

Here are the coordinates for the discussion session we would love for you to come to!

1252.00 Hall, also known as the Seminar room on the 12th floor of the Hall building (next to the Geography Reading Room/GIS lab) at 6pm! There might be food!

Please come and bring your thoughts/readings/questions!
Or come to chat about joining the blog (its only a week old and could use your lovin’)
We will also try and attach a doc to this post before Thursday about our brainstorm so far, so you can have time to ponder before hand if you like!


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